We often ask ourselves if just one percent of the proceeds from the millions of pieces of clothing we have helped make and sell over the years went to a good cause... Would the world be a better place?  Imagine after all those years if 35% of the revenue went to charity.  Would less children be hungry?  Would more families have good homes?  Would there be a cure for cancer? We are passionate about cultivating a culture of doing good deeds.

Collectively Our Small Team Has Over 30 Years Of Design, Merchandising, And Product Development Experience From Some Of The Worlds Largest Apparel Brands. 

We see in our own community the hardships that many families and neighborhoods face.  We don’t have all the answers of  how to solve each of these problems one by one.  But there are so many organizations in our community, our state,  and the country who fight every day to solve them.  Our goal is to support these organizations in their efforts with $10 from the sale of every t-shirt going directly to the organizations we are partnering with. Our goal is for each tee to be a reminder to the wearer of doing good deeds, not just upon purchase but each day, for those around us and whose lives we touch.

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We chose triblend not only for being a good fabric but for what it represents to our brand. Revenues from each tee will be split three ways...$10 to our Charity, $10 to the manufacturer/screen printer/fabric supplier, and $8 to our company. Triblend fabric is the mixture of three different yarns, each of which independently has it’s own strength and purpose but it is only collectively blended together that it makes something wonderful.   It is that same philosophy for Good Deed Rags, blending design with manufacturing and charity.

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We recognize after our years in the industry that quality is important.  We aren't fabric or design elitists but we appreciate the importance of good raw materials and a good fitting garment. Hence the "good" and the "rag" in our brand name.  We have selected a super comfortable and soft triblend fabric knitted right here in the US.  It really is a good tee.

With every purchase $10 supports an organization or cause working to make a community, a country, this planet a better place.  We suggest organizations we admire for their work but your good deed can and will go to the cause you decide.   Just let us know the cause.