Good Deeds Gone Viral

See some examples of how doing a simple good deed can really pay off!

Homeless Man's Good Deed Really Pays Back

Hope in humanity was temporarily restored when a homeless man, Billy Ray Harris, returned an expensive wedding ring to its owner after she accidentally dropped it in the cup where he was collecting money. 

The ring's owner, Sarah Darling, was so thankful that she announced her gratitude to the world by posting the good deed on social media, where the news took on a life of its own. Over $180,000 worth of donations poured in for Mr. Harris and literally turned his life around. He was able to buy a house, find a job, and reunite with his family, whom he hadn't seen in over 16 years.



Waitress Rewarded After Picking Up the Lunch Check for Dining Soldiers

One New Hampshire waitress got unexpected notoriety and rewards after she paid a $30 lunch check for two soldiers who were dining in the restaurant where she worked. While serving the customers, Sarah Hoidahl found out that the military personnel were not receiving paychecks due to the US government shutdown and decided to pay it forward. 

Little did she know that the story would go wild on social media and lead to her having a guest appearance on the hit talk show Ellen. Struggling single mom Hoidal's small good deed garnered its own amazing payback when Ellen gave her a check for $10,000, a 50-inch TV, and a brand new car.



Policeman Becomes a Hero After Giving His Boots to a Homeless Man

NYPD officer Larry DePrimo became an internet darling after his good deed was captured on camera and posted on Facebook by a passing tourist. The 25-year-old policeman saw a freezing homeless man lying on the sidewalk with blisters on the soles of his feet from the biting cold weather. Full of sympathy, the officer purchased a pair of boots and socks from a neighboring shoe store and stooped down to help the frozen man put on the shoes. 

The photograph was immediately viewed over 1.6 million times, received over 400,000 "likes," and was shared over 133,000 times. DePrimo was ceremoniously honored by the NYPD and given a pair of cufflinks.

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